About Us

          This is a small apparel company based in a small town in North Florida where many love to hunt and fish. As you read this company's story, you will learn what this company revolves around. Over 2000 years ago, Jesus died for our sins, and if you will give up your sinful life to follow him, He will give you a peace that can never be found in anything else. You won't understand this peace until you make the decision, to serve Him. Life is full of choices and every choice has a consequence; so here is the best choice; follow Jesus, repent of your sins, live for Him, and in return you will get to live for eternity in heaven. In my opinion that's a pretty sweet deal, but hey, it's up to you. As you read the rest of our story, keep this decision in mind!

        Established in 2016, our goal is to provide quality apparel for the outdoorsman whose passion is being in the woods, on the water, and spending time with family and friends. We are not just selling apparel, we are selling a message and this line of clothing represents that message. We are God fearing, Bible believing, and politically incorrect. Every time you wear our hat or shirt, you are showing that you are a part of the "Mafia". Our definition for the word "Mafia" is this: the traditionalist and historically spirited American who is going against the left; someone who is standing up for God, a hard worker, and a person who loves the outdoors. Our brand is being used as a ministry, in hopes that we will bring people to Christ so that more people can experience his love!

        We represent the person who is just as happy to kill a four point as to kill a 180-inch ten point; the person who decides not to go the grocery store to buy fish but loads up a a boat, and goes out to catch them.  You will find us choosing to hunt even though staying home to rest might be easier.  We are the people who sit in a duck blind, all day, rather than a couple of hours. We will put in a lot of time, sweat, and tears during the off-season to prepare for a better outdoor experience.

        Although, we all love to watch hunting shows, they are not all realistic. We don't all get to hunt on big reservations in Kansas, Iowa, and other large places where big game can be found. Most of us hunt on public land or in a local club; we go deep in the backwoods and swamps to chase game. We all come from different walks of life but we have a common ground; we are brothers and sisters in Christ.

      Here at Backwoods Mafia, our most important reason we exist is to serve God because we know that without Him we wouldn't be here and this company wouldn't either. He blesses and protects us every time we go into the outdoors and we want to give Him praise for that because He is what is making this company progress and He will always be the center of this company and our lives. Some people would say that we are politically incorrect because we say God Bless America, Merry Christmas, give thanks to the veterans, stand for the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem. We are thankful to God for all he has provided us. Thank you for reading our story and be sure support our mission by ordering some of our gear so that you can become a part of the Mafia!

-Landon Turner (Founder)